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PLB-3220 Front- und Rückseiten-Etikettiermaschine


Modell: PLB-SS2O


Technische Daten PLB-3220 Front- & Back-Etikettiermaschine
1.Hochqualität der Etikettiermaschine
2.Hochgeschwindigkeitsarbeit von Labeler

The machine has the function of alarm for signaling working state and failure. sensitivity of labeling sensor is adjustable and the sensor can distinguish the label base paper of different transmittance . The bottle separating wheel adopts separate motor driving with speed infinitely variable. The label precision up to 1 mm, The whole machine is made of stainless steel and aluminium material and conform to GMP standard.
Work Elements:
Bottles are fed into conveyor by separator wheel and righting bottle by righting device. When sensor detects bottle, will send a signal of dispensing label, the base paper rolls back after bottle is labeled, a roller press down the label for label smoothness.
Enginery Characteristic:
  1. The world advanced labeling head ensures labelling precision.
  2. Microcomputer control system with touch screen to operate directly , allows convenient parameter setting, Applicable for flat bottles in various specifications.
  3. Seperate wheel drived by single motor with speed variable infinitely for more reliable labelling.
  4. Adjustable labelling sensor sensitivity.
  5. Not interfered to detecting sensor by rays, ultrasonic etc, accutate detection and correct label.
  6. Conveyor , barrier and fastener etc. are made of S. S. and aluminium with out contamination in conformity with GMP regulations.
  7. Optional is thermal-stamp ribbon printer for printing date, batch number, valid day and other contents at same time during labelling.
  8. Control components are certified by national standardization and passed the strictest test .
  9. With alarm function for operational state and troubles to provide easy operation and maintenance.
  10. With the function of label quantity setting and residual management.
Max. Speed
200 bottle/min
Size of product
Flat bottle
Labeling precision
± 1 mm
Power supply
AC 220 V , 50Hz
Total power
0.88 kw
400 kg
Dimension( L×W×H )
2,869 mm×1,850 mm×1,214 mm
Height of conveyor
870 ± 30 mm

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